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a blue notebook

19 March
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I'm a girl and I love to write. I drive an '86 standard transmission and love it.
accents, acting, activism, adaptation, after life, amsterdam, art, b- blood type, being cool, being myself, bend it like beckham, biology, blow, books, boys, brave new world, british boys, bug, cardancing, catch-22, chatting, christmas, cooking, costuming, dancing, daydreaming, degrassi the next generation, democrat, denver, driving, east of eden, eastern philosophy, edward scissorhands, eiffle tower, elephant, email, ender's game series, england, english, europe, ewan mcgregor, family, farenheight 451, feed, fight club (brad pitt), florence, france, french boys, friends, gattaca, gelato, good music, googling, gummy vitamins, guys and dolls, hanging out, happiness, harry potters, history, hoby, ice cream, ignoring homework, italian boys, italy, jack johnson, james blunt, jason mraz, jay mccarroll, john mayer, joking, kick assness, lameness, laughing, learning, life, lillies, lost in translation, malta, meeting cool people, memento, milk, mock trial, moral standards, moulin rouge!, movies, music, new zealand, olympic games, or trying to cook, orchids, oxford, oxymorons, ozone layer, pace, pajamas, panic! at the disco, pb&js, peace, philosophy, pride and prejudice, project runway, quick, radio, reading, red, remembering, rent, shakespeare, shakespeare in love, silence, six degrees of separation, sixteen candles, slaughterhouse five, stage, stage makeup, sushi, tag, the alchemist, the breakfast club, the simpsons, the underground, theatre, thinking, to kill a mockingbird, touching the void, traveling, u.k., uber, umbrellas, variety, venice, voting, wallace & grommit, water balloons, winter games, writing, x chromosomes, yards, yawning, years, yellow, young, ziltch, zoom