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Sun, Mar. 19th, 2006, 03:44 pm

Painting sets is like magic. That's what I love about theatre and working backstage--you're working to create a world for someone else. You're working to make life on stage so inexplicably real that they forget who they are for a few hours. Painting sets is like magic to create that world. Dance or mellow or techno or emo music floats through the air as you paint, forgetting the world outside. You're confined to a room filled with paint fumes and sponges and you forget who you are, for just a few moments. Then you look up and there's black and blue and red and gray and beige running down your forearms to drip off your elbows and onto the floor, like confused bruises and a dribble of blood. You forget sometimes that this isn't your blood, it's the life of the buildings in front of you, the buildings you're creating from the top down. This, this is the magic.