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Mon, Jun. 19th, 2006, 12:05 am

The most incredible poem I've ever had the opportunity to read and listen to... a reminder of my amazing HOBY ambassador days.

The Voice
By Jeff Campbell

I found a voice inside me that was a choice of who I want to be in life,
no longer confined by negativity.
I found a voice that makes melodies and rhythms blend harmoniously
in unison like the wind,
and the air and evaporates my mistakes
into past situations and frustrations
of conditions by conditioning I once had of myself.

This voice said go for self,
do for self.
Love yourself
you are who you are supposed to be.

Accept your mission and get started on this journey.
These words propelled me into a world where I could be the cause
instead of the effect of my reality.

I found a voice that said stand up and face this destiny.
Take this responsibility and use what is not for what can be possibility.
I found this voice and was afraid to believe,
what is this voice really saying to me?
This voice is telling me I can have anything,
this voice was telling me I was stopping me,
this voice said stop blaming society.

This voice must be crazy
I told this voice to shut up and go back to where you came from
cause frankly, I was quite comfortable living in my misery.
I could just give up and say what I want simply can not be.

But this voice just got louder and louder and louder and said don't be lazy.
This voice said, ironically, you invented me, tempted me,
you are the one that scripted me, in the dreams and passions of your own creativity,
you were the one who first told me I could be now you are dissin me?
Stop acting ridiculously and listen to me.
Your fear of failure is killing me,
I cant live unless you commit to me.

This voice flipped the script on me,
this voice confused me so I asked,
well what about my history, and this voice started laughing at me and said well,
presently it doesnt exist, there is just you and me.
Leave your past where it is supposed to be,
choose to live your life differently make that promise to me and I will remain constantly,
the voice of your self-fulfilling prophecy.